Fetish clubs in Europe


Fetish clubs in Europe are an underground scene that is beyond your wildest expectations.

From goggling at Berlin’s burlesque shows, to shamelessly slobbering over the Kinky Dutch and German girls in the windows of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, throw romance out the window, and head for the continent to dig out some dirt.
Fetish clubs in Europe are normally clubs, bars or other entertainment hubs which cater to kinksters interested in kinky and fetish activities.

Fetishes range from fashion, bondage, dominance/submission, and/or sadism and masochism (BDSM). Some Fetish clubs have active “play” going on inside the club while others are more like a fetish social club for like-minded people.

There are many European Fetish events that take place at specialty fare hosted at other public venues and Fetish clubs.


Fetish and kinky activities at fetish clubs have been interpreted as “neo-burlesque, freak show, queer and body mutation styles.