Top 7 Nude beaches in Greece


Greece has an abundance of bare sand beaches – some much barer and better than others. Need help finding the best classic nude beaches in Greece? Here is our own selection of the top 7 nude beaches in Greece.


1. Red Beach, Crete

Red Beach, Crete

Photo by Govert Vetten

This is a beautiful nudist beach, where you find rocks carved into into intriguing ancient Minoan and Egyptian shapes by a Belgian man named Gerard. One of the best nude beaches in Greece, Crete’s Red Beach is a secluded spot about a 20-minute walk from Matala. The hike down requires some maneuvering over rocks, but there are two different paths, one less treacherous. This somewhat secluded beach is easily reached by boat, or by hiking 25 minutes from Matala. Furthermore, for the more adventurous you can explore the cave that can be reached by canoeing or even swimming.


2. Glyka Nera, Crete (Sweetwater Beach)

Glyka Nera

Favored by summer-long nudists who can be readily recognized due to the depth of their all-over tans, this nude beach offers fresh, cold water springing up from below the stony beach. An impressive beach between Loutro and Sfakia that you can only reach by boat. Near Loutro there are also four more beaches for naturists that you may want to visit. Pervolaki, small Pervolaki, Timios Stavros and Marmara.


3. Marmara Beach, Crete

Marmara Beach


This is a small secluded beach located 85 kilometers south of Chania town and 5km west of Loutro.  This beach with crystal clear, azzure waters, this is a beautiful little beach of fine pebbles surrounded by marble cliffs situated where the Aradena Gorge reaches the sea. This is a very small beach. The entire coast south of the beach consists of a series of rock coves and caves. They seem to be accessible only from the water. The water was warmer here, and swimming was OK with rocks to look at.

As there are no roads leading to Marmara beach, access from Chania is possible by private cars and motorbikes or public bus till Chora Sfakion. From Chora Sfakion you can take a boat to Marmara beach. Altenatively you can reach Marmara on foot by walking the E4 path.


4. Paradise Beach, Mykonos


paradise beach, mykonos

Paradise Beach is one of the several stretches of sand that Mykonos is known for. Although topless is very common, nudity has taken second place to the beach’s continuous party atmosphere.


5. Banana Beach, Skiathos

This photo  is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Banana beach is one of the most famous naturist beaches in Greece. It is a beautiful, sandy beach; however it is very busy. Swimming here is superb. Water sports including parascending are on offer . Usually, naturists congregate in the area south of the rocks to the south (left) end of the beach . The track to Big Banana is clearly signed.

6. Red Beach, Santorini


Located near Akrotiri, Red Beach is  more russet coloured sand than its Cretan competitor. You can also reach Red Beach by car from Akrotiri and there is a bus stand a little bit further at Akrotiri Beach.You will see a beautiful small church against the red rocks and here is the parking. Around the corner of the parking lies the beach.

7. Monodendri beach, Lipsi

Monodendri beach, Lipsi

This is actually a trio of small, remote beaches near a landmark single tree – the “monodendri” of the name. If you’re looking for a nude experience which may be virtually free of other beachgoers, at least outside of the “high” season of mid-July through mid-August, this could be your beach.